Squarepaper 2.0

Square Pass

TOKEN ID: 0.0.1278089
What is Square Pass?
It is a Square Card that was created to entertain our community by dividing them into different clans using three elements (Fire, Electricity,Water).
What are the benefits of u purchasing and having Square Pass?
  • Connect find mates from Hedera Community
  • Win a different types of prizes
  • Challenge yourself to learn and upgrade your skills
  • Become a leader of the clan to work collaboratively
What is Clan Wars ?
What is Deflationary Burn Mechanism?
It was created to increase the value of Mystery Card(Combination of Three Elements) because Square Pass were minted for building strong community to allow people to join the Clan Wars and become member to Square Dudes. It is time to collect specific amounts of Square Pass with various types of stages, burn out all Square Pass, and get Mystery card which will give to access White List to our upcoming collection.
We are providing access to the link which is file in order to get more information about learn Deflationary Burn Mechanism. Tap Here: