Squarepaper 2.0

Square Legends

TOKEN ID: 0.0.1094668
What is the Digital Identity?
Tokenizing your identity into digital reality requires digital identification. The personalized PFP will be a 1/1 unique NFT that includes information about you and stored at Hashgraph ecosystems as a non-fungible token, such as your name, age, background narrative, or any other information you wish to see in your personalized PFP. Furthermore, it is the best voxel PFP for any social networking platform.
Digital identity is key to being a valuable member of the Hedera community. Our sub-collection Square Head offers the opportunity to collect specific amount according to the our Deflationary Burn Mechanism and you will get your digital identity...
What does it include Digital Identity?
  • YOUR Unique Custom 1/1 PFP
  • Nickname/Name
  • Desired Background Bio
What is Deflationary Burn Mechanism?
It was created to increase the value of Square Legends because Square Heads were minted for free to allow people to join the Hedera Community. It is time to collect specific amounts of Square Heads with various types of stages, burn out all Square Heads, and leave the Square Legends sub-collection.
In order to learn about detailed burning mechanism please tap here
These are the steps below to get your Digital Identity:
  • Collect specific amount according to the stage in order to get a custom 1/1 PFP
  • Fill out the specific google form to verify
  • Burn out the collected amount of PFP
  • YOUR Custom PFP will be ready within 1-2 week
  • You are the happiest HBARarian with your 1/1 PFP
Our Custom PFP takes some time to create a unique digital identity because it is made by our designers one by one