Squarepaper 2.0

DAO Treasury

DAO Treasury attempts to increase income for DAO members. Thus, along with our governance will use a Voting System(FAQ) to make a decision to purchase new NFTs from the standpoint of projects to invest in future benefits in order to increase DAO funds and raise the passive income of our DAO members.
How does DAO Treasury work?
Square Dude's analysts conduct research and look for potential initiatives in which we can invest and recommend to all DAO members. DAO members shall decide whether or not to invest based on the results of the voting system. We will collect NFTs in the DAO treasury that will increase in value over time.
The voting system will be used to sell NFT DAO Treasury, according to a decision made by DAO members. Furthermore, the income of DAO Treasury NFTs will be distributed as follows:
  • DAO Members - 50%
  • DAO FUND - 40 %
  • Square Dudes team - 10%
DAO Member's income(50%) Distribution
We now have 200 NFTs, which indicates that if the holder owns a high percentage of them, he or she will receive a large proportion of the income.
1 NFT is worth 0.5% of income from 50% of the NFT sale. If the DAO Member has 10 NFTs then he will get 5% of the income compared to other members.
Disclaimer: The proportion will change depending on the number of NFTs.