Squarepaper 2.0


What is the DAO of Square Dudes?
DAOs are an excellent means for fans and holders of an NFT project to come together and decide the future of our Square Dudes project. Those who own Square Dudes GEN-1 NFTs get to vote on certain decisions by fractionalized ownership, such as community project initiatives, and have access to utilities provided by Square Dudes.
How to join DAO governance?
The DAO governance is structured in such a way that you are only required to own at least 1 Square Dude to be a member.
DAO Fund
The DAO fund currently accounts for 40% of our total NFT release sales revenue from DROP-1 and Drop-2. The DAO Treasury was created for the general development of our project and to ensure the income of our honored members of the DAO.
We aim for excellence in all we create and accomplish as a team. We look out for one another and work together to change the world. We are committed to creating a trustworthy and secure online environment that empowers you. Where you may work, play, shop, sell, create, and socialize.
DAO governance and we aspire to be the best NFT initiative among leaders, helping to make the world a better place.
How does the fractionalized ownership work ?
According to our policy, every holder of NFT from GEN-1 is able to vote for deciding the future of the project. Fractionalized ownership for held NFTs will be determined by the number of SQUARE DUDES from GEN-1(Serial number: #1-#200) you own. Square Dudes owned by your address mean greater fractionalized ownership
1 NFT = 1 vote
We now have 200 NFTs in GEN-1, which means that if the holder has a huge proportion of them, he or she will have a large share of the voting power. Each Square Dudes provides the same fixed amount of fractionalized ownership.
What kinds of benefits are available to DAO members?
  • Giveaways(DAO Treasury, DAO Fund)
  • Free airdrops(from GEN-2)
  • DAO Treasury
  • Automatic WL for GEN-2
  • VIP category channels
How DAO Fund will be operated?
  • Metaverse future plans
  • AR features with NFTs
  • P2E Game(still TBD)
  • Further Software Development
  • Cartoon Animation with Square Dudes(TBD)
  • etc.
What is an NFT Card?
Our supporters will receive a one-of-a-kind NFT card as an appreciation sign that cannot be traded. However, it will have some perks:
  • Automatic WL for upcoming GEN-2
  • NFT card