Squarepaper 2.0

About us

Square Dudes are your gateway to a whole different level of art within the NFT space


As an extraordinary project Square Dudes is a community-based project.
According to the uniqueness of the personalities, square dudes are the different characters of the Square Universe on six different planets of it is own square solar system. Comparatively to other projects, our characters have remarkable background history with their unique, captivating, and unpredictable plots.
SQ is one of the best DAO-formed projects in the Hedera Ecosystem. We put a lot of effort into making our community and the token holders sure of their future by providing fantastic art with a number of utilities.
"Square Dudes " is Hedera in terms of making NFTs.
Discover the best items in this fantastic Square Dudes collection - BECAUSE YOU WORTH IT!


Square Dudes' vision statement is " We are creators " The vision statement echoes the main reasons behind the team's desire to position itself as an NFT leader in the markets. In outlining a vision for the future, Square Dudes will stay ahead of changes by providing the best art and great utilities as a DAO and community-based project.


The mission of our project is to provide our community with fascinating and wonderful art with a lot of utilities and entertain and create unique hub for Hedera Community. The project came to life when Hedera holders dreamt about sharing their love and love for art to the world through NFT, especially with the people who have the same passion as them. Of course, connect to people and build a business that benefits the Hedera community along the way. We have the same goals to contribute to the Hedera community for better life opportunities. The main mission of our team is to be the number one NFT token publisher not only in the Hedera ecosystem but also in other top NFT marketplaces. Comparatively to other publishers, we position ourselves as a standard of highly professional network and service to our community. "Square Dudes" are like a little stars in space now. Make sure that you are in because soon it is going to turn into a shining sun.


We believe that trust has a fundamental importance in business. Our understanding of truthfulness as a virtue indicates that it is both desirable in and of itself, as well as effective in achieving worthwhile goals. It helps to identify the hidden contradiction in saying that truthful behavior has just instrumental benefits.
As stated in our DAO, we are a community-based project. We believe that practical community conservation projects are characterized by three essential principles: planning, collaboration, and learning. It is critical that we maintain our project specifics, as described above, open and transparent to our DAO members and community.
When it comes to collaboration, one plus one equals three. People who work in teams can accomplish significantly more than they could on their own. We believe that teamwork multiplies success, simplifies the job, maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses, and makes work enjoyable.
We believe that creativity is the key to solving today's world problems. Our team is built on creativity, and we are the ones who create new opportunities. We are currently working on NFT animation, game development, and virtual world.
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Help us to reach our goals by supporting us. We will announce the Desk of our honorable supporters. All supporters will be given an appreciation NFT card(FAQ).
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