Squarepaper 2.0


The information disclosed in this Whitepaper does not include any form of contract and agreement. This document is designed to be a transparent layout of the vision we have for Square Dudes and its future plans so buyers/investors may further analyze the project and make an informed decision.
It is obliged to inform current and future Square Dudes holders about the accompanying risks for users when spending money on blockchain technology. Holding an SD represents an understanding and willingness to accept the risks that accompany spending money on blockchain technology. These risks include but are not limited to the following:
Policy risk: constantly changing political and regulatory trends may lead to significant price volatility.
Transaction risk: The behavior of traders on the secondary market will always influence the price of Square Dudes. The secondary market for currencies that utilize blockchain technology has significant volatility, which may drastically affect the value of your SD token.
Technical risk: Blockchain technology is a rapidly developing technological field. This dynamic environment may lead to many unforeseen technological issues and challenges and disruptive trends, all of which may influence the value of your SD.
Operational risk: All operations carry inherent risks on many factors, which may be caused by factors such as the illness of essential stakeholders, major strategic disagreements, breakdown of critical equipment at key moments, and so forth. Operational risks may always influence the success of the project and/or the value of the operation's assets. Potential buyers of the SD token must realize this responsibility and conduct a rigorous and careful analysis. The introduction and description of the primary condition of the project in this document is an invitation to the general public. It's not a commitment nor a guarantee.
All changes to the Whitepaper will be announced in advance to the entire Square Dudes community.
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